Steora Smart Benches

Modernizing public spaces

Public benches today are a lot more than just a place to sit. Over 1700 Steora smart benches have been installed in 550+ cities and municipalities globally, providing a valuable public service to people. With access to internet and device charging, Include’s benches raise a level of convenience and connectivity in our neighborhoods, as well as a sense of safety. Steora also supports the growth of micromobility in our communities.

Steora Classic​

Classic smart bench sets a new standard for street benches. While it looks like a regular bench, Classic packs a ton of smarts: vandal-resistant solar panels embedded in the seat, smart battery management, device charging, PHT sensors, and ambient lights.

Steora City

Designed for urban places in mind, Steora City provides a marketing and information platform that delivers content to citizens, visitors, or passengers. Most common public locations include city squares, tourist landmarks, airports, bus and train stations, while in commercial use cases it ads most value in hotel resorts, retail outlets, etc.

Steora Cyclo

A game-changing smart bench that makes it easier and more convenient for people to use micromobility vehicles, thus helping reduce traffic and CO2 emissions. An all-in-one Cyclo serves as a bike repair and charging station for e-bikes and e-scooters, as well as an emergency power outlet.