Solos - advanced Smart City dashboard

Solos is an advanced Smart City Dashboard that works as an operating system in a browser. Just as with your computer, when you log in to Solos you are landing on a desktop, where you can see all your existing applications. Each app controls a different product or set of features from more products. Thanks to Solos, Cities can now easily monitor every part of their public spaces.

Sensors app

Solos Sensors app provides real-time data from all connected products. All collected information is presented in chart forms, with the option to see the custom time range. All the data can be exported in a .xls or .pdf format.

Waste management app

Solos Waste management app brings a revolution on managing waste. Using Waste management apps, waste collecting companies can now know the exact waste level status in each container and can create an optimal route to collect waste just from the completely full containers. In combination with an advanced compaction system inside the Terra waste containers, cities can save millions of euros every year, significantly lower CO2 emissions and make public spaces cleaner and healthier.  

Advertising app

Solos Advertising app brings a new experience in managing DOOH advertising. In a few simple steps create new campaigns, choose locations and duration and you are ready to go. Thanks to our advanced AI/ML camera module on the Steora City bench, you can now even track information about pedestrians, such as the number of pedestrians walking or looking at the display and even their gender. For the first time in DOOH, you can now use filters to choose optimal locations for the audience that are walking in front of your displays.

Products Management app

Solos Products management app now enables you to manage all your products in the same place in no time. Change product configurations, name or any other data in just a few simple steps.


administration app

Solos Administration app enables simple and fast administration of your profile, organization or products. With the Administration app, you can easily manage your organisation, users roles and features they can control.


support app

Solos Support app provides all of the Include support in one place. Using the Support app, users can find information about product installations and maintenance, report issues or register new products.