Shape the future of your community today

We combine solar power with smart city technology to help make our communities a better place to live in. Using our solutions, you can create a more sustainable, cleaner, and healthier environment.

Smart Benches

Transform public spaces into a connected community with the next generation of smart benches that provide internet access, device and e-mobility charging, as well as bike repair stations. In addition, our integrated LCD displays can create a platform for marketing opportunities.

air quality monitoring

Air quality insight is a critical first step in protecting people and the natural environment from dangerous air pollutants. Aerys is a simple and easy-to-install solution that accurately measures a wide range of air pollutants in real-time to raise awareness and take action in our communities. We believe that we should measure and keep track of air quality in our neighborhoods the same way we measure air temperature, humidity, and pressure.

Terra waste management

Terra Waste uses advanced technology that enables cities and municipalities to provide their residents with smarter waste management. With up to a five-time waste compaction system, Terra contributes to lowering the carbon footprint within your community while saving money.