smart city technology

Steora Smart benches are integrated with solar panels built-into the beams of the bench. A Li-ion battery pack in the leg of the bench stores the energy to be used to power the bench.

By the end of 2020 almost four million people used Steora benches, and more than 73 thousand kWh of clean energy was produced, resulting in the reduction of 34 tons of C02!

Customers are often amazed at what variety of services Steora provides to cities and municipalities – a platform which gathers a variety of information, from environmental data to data about usage of specific location. A system for smart advertising and a real-time surveillance – all integrated in a park bench 

quality and standards

Every product that we build comes with the highest quality standards, proven by industry certifications. 

All products are produced in the EU, using local components and our own smarts, research and design skills.


Every product is the result of an inventive approach, extraordinary research and focused development, as well as our personal aim to make a positive difference – and we don’t settle for anything less than excellence.


We believe we can make a difference in our  communities.

With innovation and breakthrough technology, we are committed to creating unique, self-sustainable and innovative products designed to improve the quality of life.